Lead Generation Free vs. Paid


Lead Generation Free vs. Paid

Lead Generation



You can compare lead generation strategies as much as you want, but the clearest division is between paid lead generation and organic lead generation. If you haven’t figured it out, the real question isn’t organic leads vs. paid leads, but how to combine them for maximum impact, even if you’re on a tight budget. Organic leads may be cheaper and more effective in the long run, but paid leads can be faster and lead to higher conversion rates. Generating leads organically is a long-term approach, but paid ads often get results faster.

Your business can organically generate leads by creating compelling content for your ideal target audience. This is because your business can advertise on search results, websites, social media, and more, whether you want to reach manufacturing, generate real estate sales leads or insurance leads. Posting ads on social media generates a large number of leads and allows your campaigns to be tracked seamlessly. Another benefit of using paid media to reach potential customers is the ability to accurately target your audience by showing your ad to people based on their demographics, geographic location, and behavior. 

You can also use paid lead generation advertising data to improve your sales and marketing understanding of your target market and customer journey. Both of these lead generation methods—organic marketing and paid advertising—are designed to generate leads, but they work in different ways. On the other hand, paid leads are generated through paid advertising campaigns such as Google AdWords, Solo Ads, or Facebook Ads. Organic inbound leads have no additional cost, so organic inbound leads can be a more cost-effective way to lead generation than paid advertising.

Organic inbound leads are those that come from people who found your business through organic search results, not through paid or other advertising. Paid lead generation methods, such as pay-per-click advertising and paid media, can deliver results, but the company with the biggest budget often wins. There are ways to generate leads on LinkedIn for free, but even if you choose a paid strategy, you can save a lot of money compared to running a similar ad campaign on a search engine or other social media platform. Email marketing is one of the most common ways to generate leads, with 78% of organizations using email to attract, nurture and convert qualified leads.

If you only have a few dollars and are willing to invest at least $10 a day in advertising and lead generation, I highly recommend paid marketing. We recommend you start with this lead sourcing method because you can run such lead generation campaigns for free if, you catch an offer from BING or Google Ads which they usually have for first time advertisers and you can get high-quality, targeted leads. There are many decisions about how to get leads; all you have to do is try to find the right lead generation channel for you and your business. Lead Moose has several powerful lead generation tools you can use to increase your lead flow.  They have everything from an email finder, chatbot, and phone extractor at your disposal to increase the leads that come into your business. Lead Moose also offers a 7 day free trial and one of the most competitive paid subscriptions in the lead generation market, by offering unlimited everything when you upgrade. Visit Leadmoose.com to find out more.

In summary lead generation is definitely the lifeblood of all successful businesses on and off line a like. But the key is to just start something and if you don’t like the results with the leads you are getting, try something else.


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